Published: Sun, December 30, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Google starts rolling out new Spam protection feature for Android phone users

Google starts rolling out new Spam protection feature for Android phone users

In the never-ending war on spam, Google's now leading the charge.

Based on a support page that has since been deleted, the feature does send some information back to Google (like the numbers behind incoming messages), but strips out data that could identify you personally, and the message content.

With no official announcement coming from Google just yet about this, it would appear that the feature is still being tested and not making a global rollout quite yet.

Android Police has reported that Spam protection feature is already live in select regions. However, the pop-up stresses Google can't see the content of messages.

While you wait for spam protection to arrive on your phone, you still have the option of blocking and reporting numbers that sent you junk messages.

Alternatively, you can toggle the feature on or off by tapping the overflow menu, Settings and then Advanced. It's actually nearly too easy to send an SMS, because you don't need to know the person who owns the line - you simply need to know the number exists.

Google uses that information to provide spam warnings in Messages.

If you submit a spam report, we include the spammer's last 10 messages, but not your responses (if any).

Earlier this week, Google announced it was planning to shift its Messages web app - which allows users to manage SMS/MMS messages on their phone from another device - from to It's a feature that will be automatically enabled, but you can venture into the settings and disable it if you choose.

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