Published: Fri, December 28, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Samsung to showcase AI-based innovations in CES 2019

Samsung to showcase AI-based innovations in CES 2019

Tisplay, on the other hand, showcases the ads on the clothing of the creators for services such as live streaming just like Twitch.

MEDEO is another tool aimed at video creators, this time aiming to simplify the editing process.

If all goes well, it's very likely that we could see Samsung's "Sound on Display" technology make its official debut on its next flagship device, which at this point, is the Galaxy S10.

Perfume Blender is a less tech-heavy solution, at least on the user's side.

The Perfume Blender suggests the best perfume recipe based on a user's preferences and also comes with a device to make the personalized perfume. Additional scents can also be purchased. The idea here is that whenever a user searches for an issue or event, PRISMIT will curate the top five articles related to that search to help the user understand context and history. The app will analyze a user-preferred sound, then calibrate that sound to be heard more clearly. Girin, a sensor-based monitor, aims to help those with problems in posture, while Alight is a desk lamp that adjusts the light depending on the activity.

SnailSound, meanwhile, consists of an earpiece and an app.

SnailSound is a hearing assistant solution for people who have trouble hearing sounds. Using a smart nonlinear amplification and AI-based adaptive noise suppression algorithms, the earpiece can provide wearers with increased sound and suppressed background noise to help the hearing-impaired hear more of what they need to and less of what they don't.

"Girin Monitor Stand" is a monitor stand which tracks a user's posture and, when their posture is bad, will automatically adjust its position to force the user to correct their own stance.

In addition to these projects, eight start-ups which have been spun off from Samsung C-Lab - MOPIC, LINKFLOW, lululab, WELT, Cooljamm company, MONIT, BLUEFEEL and analogue plus -will participate at CES 2019 to showcase their newly released commercial products and explore global business opportunities.

"We will present promising C-Lab projects leveraging AI technologies in the field of video content creation, perfume making and more". The show runs from January 8 to January 11.

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