Published: Thu, December 13, 2018
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Trump, Democrats dig in for fight over border-wall funding

Trump, Democrats dig in for fight over border-wall funding

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) characterized President Trump's remarks during a televised meeting with himself and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as a "temper tantrum" Wednesday.

The deal was made with fellow Democrats. The proposal would be backdated to include the period from 2007 to 2011 when Democrats were in control of the House and Pelosi was speaker, meaning she could serve a maximum of four additional years.

Pelosi sent out a statement from Democratic holdouts thanking Pelosi for her "willingness to work with us" to reach an agreement.

In the last few weeks, Pelosi has whittled away her naysayers with individual deals and convinced enough of them to support her candidacy for speaker when the House votes on January 3rd.

Pelosi's acceptance of the plan comes after a coalition of Democrats said they would not vote for her, calling for new leadership in the top ranks of the party.

Even with term limits, Pelosi could eventually double the time she served as speaker if Democrats retain their majority in 2020 and she wins the caucus votes she needs. "Number one, President Trump does not look to me like he was bluffing or is bluffing, and number two, I don't think Speaker Pelosi is going to agree to anything because she's anxious about her speakership", Kennedy said. If she did go on to win a fourth term in 2021 with the support of two-thirds of the caucus, it would have to be her last.

Pelosi said she will abide by the rule whether it is approved by the caucus in February or not.

DC Donald Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall Oval office
DC Donald Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall Oval office

Congressional leaders on Wednesday were digging in for a fight over government funding, a day after a combative White House meeting with President Donald Trump that seemed to raise the likelihood of a partial government shutdown. With 235 Democrats in the House, she can afford to lose 17 of her own and still get to 218. For the past two years, Pelosi has repeatedly said she had initially meant to retire after the 2016 elections but made a decision to stay on and continue leading House Democrats after Trump's upset victory.

Both told Politico they oppose term limits. Hoyer noted he had repeatedly cosponsored legislation in the past that called for repealing term limits for the presidency.

Schumer's remarks came as House Republicans debate whether to try and pass the wall funding to put pressure on Democrats, but it's not clear if that plan would succeed.

"The CBC has had, it's no secret, a long history of supporting seniority", said Rep. Joyce Beatty of OH, who recently elected vice chairwoman of the caucus. Is anybody confused?" he told reporters on Tuesday, before reiterating it emphatically. "I. Am. Not. For.

"I'm not for term limits".

"I don't see it happening, frankly", he said of the term limits idea.

"This whole thing about these guys needing something so that they can land this damn plane is getting silly", Richmond said, referring to the group of rebels. "And let's please get on".

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