Published: Thu, December 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Robot shown on Russian TV revealed to be man in costume

Robot shown on Russian TV revealed to be man in costume

After the report was ridiculed online, state television returned to the story on Thursday, with the correspondent claiming it was understood all along that Boris was a man in a plastic suit - albeit a good one.

They are reported to have questioned the android's lack of external sensors, how it was made so quickly and why the robot had made so many "unnecessary movements" when showing off its dancing skills.

A "hi-tech robot" shown on Russian state television has turned out to be a man in a suit.

But according to the Guardian, Russian media and social media users quickly spotted some of Robot Boris's more suspicious characteristics and uncovered the truth. He then went on to dance to Skibidi by Little Big, which should be a punishable offence within itself because it's impossible to be a robot and do those loose hipped dance moves.

Sure enough, "Boris" was really "Alyosha" a £3000 robot costume made by a company called Show Robots. "Boris the Robot has already learned to dance, and not badly at that".

Most pointedly, TJournal also questioned why Boris appeared to be the ideal size for a human to fit inside.

The news agency, MBKh Media, later appeared to show an actor in the robot suit just before the forum, which was held about 150 miles outside of Moscow.

'It's entirely possible one of these [students] could dedicate himself to robotics. "Especially as at the forum they have the opportunity to look at the most modern robots".

As the questions mounted, it emerged that Boris was a £3000 costume made by the company Show Robots created to give the "near total illusion that before you stands a real robot", equipped with microphone and tablet display.

Footage of the robot reportedly disappeared briefly from Russia-24's YouTube channel on Wednesday morning but it came back again a short while later.

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