Published: Thu, December 13, 2018
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Jordan: Monk interaction was a 'tap of endearment'

Jordan: Monk interaction was a 'tap of endearment'

One of those players was Monk, a second-year guard, who then retreated to the bench only to be scolded by Jordan, the legendary former Chicago Bulls star who now owns the Hornets. The problem was that there were still 0.3 seconds remaining in the game, so Monk was hit with a technical foul (too many players on the court).

As you can imagine, Jordan - Hornets owner and, oh by the way, one of the greatest late-game performers of all-time - was not overly thrilled with the youngster and decided he deserved a smack upside the head. Jordan even lightly smacked the back of Monk's head. No negative intent. Only love!' The Pistons made the technical free throw, but the ensuing long inbounds pass was intercepted.

'My heart stopped for a second there, ' said Hornets coach James Borrego, who said he had never seen that call made in professional basketball.

Monk said that he didn't see the difference between his celebration and others around the league -even though was almost on the opposing foul line when Lamb's shot went through the basket.

Detroit guard Langston Galloway was more irritated that the Pistons went nearly six minutes without a field goal late in the fourth quarter, surrendered a 10-point lead and allowed Lamb to make the jumper on a simple drive-and-kick from Kemba Walker.

Malik Monk felt Jordan's ire
Malik Monk felt Jordan's ire

Charlotte is sixth in the East at 14-13 after Wednesday's victory.

"I can't get into the he-said, she-said", Galloway said.

"I did not realize we still had time on the clock", Biyombo said.

"You just have to try to contain him", Brown said.

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