Published: Mon, December 10, 2018
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Elon Musk suggests Tesla's new chairwoman won't rein him in

Elon Musk suggests Tesla's new chairwoman won't rein him in

His problematic Twitter messages in August - about trying to take the company private - caused months of chaos, and the agency sought to improve the governance of a board long criticized for being too closely aligned with its billionaire leader.

According to the SEC, one of the terms of the settlement was that Tesla would establish "additional controls and procedures to oversee Musk's communications".

However, during the interview, Musk said no one has reviewed any of his tweets since the settlement with the SEC. "If somebody comes and makes a better electric vehicle than Tesla and it's so much better than ours that we can't sell our cars and we go bankrupt, I still think that's a good thing for the world". "Who knows?" "Nobody's ideal".

"Are you serious?" Stahl said, shocked.

But Musk said "it's not realistic" to expect Denholm to watch over his actions because he remains the electric auto company's largest shareholder.

'I want to be clear.

Denholm's appointment in November drew a mixed response from corporate governance experts, who praised her financial expertise but questioned her ability to carve out an independent path for a board that has been dominated by Musk. She is the chief financial officer and strategy head at Telstra Corp.

"I do not respect the SEC", Musk said.

The company also fulfilled a pledge to make money during the third quarter, and Musk has said he expects the company to remain profitable.

The construction of the "tent"-based line was lauded by the company's supporters and criticized heavily by Tesla's skeptics".

Musk said he was abiding by the settlement, however, "because I respect the justice system". And no, I'm not referring to him admitting that he has no idea how to smoke weed.

"Nobody's ideal", the Tesla chief said, while laughing.

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