Published: Sun, December 09, 2018
Medicine | By Tracy Klein

Parish Health Units offering flu shots next week

Parish Health Units offering flu shots next week

Her husband could not remember whether or not she had been vaccinated.

Correcting misinformation about the flu vaccines is hard, and the academic literature provides mixed signals about approaches to tackling this problem.

Young children and the elderly are at higher risk of getting severe illness, Webby said: "So by getting vaccinated, you're not just protecting yourself, but also, through herd immunity, you're protecting others".

Can we just pause for a moment to marvel at modern medicine?

This time past year, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at least 210 individuals had been hospitalized due to influenza.

We've come such a long way.

Webby said a "slightly reassuring signal" this year is that the H1N1 strain is the dominant strain of flu circulating. Yet even though flu shots are readily available and affordable, many don't get one. In a survey, it was found that almost half of American adults are planning to skip the flu vaccine this season.

CDC recommends getting vaccinated by the end of October so that people are more likely to be protected against the flu when activity picks up in the community, however, vaccination into December and beyond can be beneficial during most flu seasons, including this one.

Sadly, Montana experienced its first flu death of this season on Saturday as a 6-year-old kindergartner in Missoula, Montana, died of influenza and pneumonia.

"Unfortunately, over half of all adults are now unvaccinated, with 4 in 10 not intending to get vaccinated, placing themselves and those around them at risk", said Caroline Pearson of the NORC at University of Chicago, also stating that widespread vaccination doesn't just help the individual but protects those who can not get vaccinated through herd immunity. An average of 12,000-plus hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths in Canada are attributed to influenza every year.

Logan County Health Commissioner Dr. Boyd Hoddinott said in recent years, influenza has caused more serious illness and risk of complications.

The Clover Health Flu Shot Monitor included key findings for New Jersey.

While receiving your flu shot, inquire about other vaccinations that you may need.

About half the people in the 18- to-44 age group also haven't gotten a flu shot, noted Webby, who believes that "it's probably an uphill battle" trying to increase these vaccination rates. I also share that there are many other precautions in stopping the spread of the flu and other illnesses, including good washing, cough etiquette, and staying home when you are sick.

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