Published: Sun, December 09, 2018
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North Carolina congressional candidate withdraws concession

North Carolina congressional candidate withdraws concession

The same day, the executive director of the North Carolina GOP, Dallas Woodhouse, announced that he would support a new election if an ongoing state investigation uncovered firm evidence of fraud.

Whether it's one election or multiple elections, the cost is going to be as much as $50,000 or more for Robeson County, he said. The board released documents showing that McCrae Dowless, the contractor hired by Red Dome, seems to have collected the most absentee ballot request forms in Bladen County this fall.

The 9th District seat would likely be vacant if there's still no victor by the start of the next congressional session. The state Board of Elections and the Wake County district attorney have launched investigations.

Pelosi said "any member-elect can object to the seating and the swearing-in of another member-elect".

Democrat Dan McCready has taken back his concession to Republican Mark Harris in the U.S. House District 9 election.

Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, the incoming majority leader, told reporters this week that Democrats could refuse to seat Harris. Dowless, moreover, may have been running schemes like this for years, financed partially by contributions from the Bladen County Republican Party. If true, this would raise serious questions about what Republicans knew and why, if they knew anything, they failed to take action - especially since the party has claimed to be so ruthlessly obsessed with protecting the integrity of elections. But the state elections board has refused to certify the results as it investigates potential misconduct with absentee ballots, making it the last undecided House contest in the country.

"The board needs to have a public hearing and lay out what they have, and unless they meet the standard of a substantial likelihood, numerically, that the outcome of this race was changed or could have been changed, then they need to certify Mark Harris as the victor and prosecute the offenders", said Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the state Republican Party. He also said it's unlikely anyone will be seated to represent North Carolina's 9th District when the new House is sworn in on January 3. The president raised the specter of fraud again this year, suggesting without evidence that people had donned disguises to vote a couple of times in midterm elections.

Woodhouse's comments are in tune with a growing chorus of officials on both sides of the aisle who suggest the only remedy to addressing the ballot issues in the race between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready may be a fresh election.

There is no evidence that the irregularities in absentee ballot returns changed the outcome of the race.

The board, appointed by the governor, is made up of four Democrats, four Republicans and one non-partisan member. Dowless was previously convicted of perjury in 1990 and felony fraud in 1992, according to court records obtained by the Charlotte Observer. Until then, the media hadn't focused too much on those possibilities, but that's precisely why ballot harvesting is illegal in North Carolina. Last night, Griffin reported that the ballot harvesting allegedly conducted by Dowless may have also involved the destruction of more than a thousand ballots. "It controls who can be seated in the Congress". That panel can open its own probe with full investigative powers, including subpoenas, hearings and even deciding which votes should count.

"While the Republican majority is once again chasing conspiracies, real election fraud is playing out right before us in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District", Connolly said in a statement.

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