Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
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Trump to nominate Heather Nauert for UN ambassador: White House officials

Trump to nominate Heather Nauert for UN ambassador: White House officials

Nauert was a Fox News anchor who was then hired by Trump to be the State Department spokeswoman.

Nauert has served as the State Department's spokeswoman since April 2017 - and it reportedly wasn't all happy times.

Nauert won't face an easy confirmation.

Still, with Trump, no staffing decision is final until he makes the formal announcement, since he has been known to change course in the past. "You know what I think about?"

Heather Nauert, 48, has been nominated as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, capping a swift rise through the administration's ranks. She hadn't specialized in foreign policy or global relations.

Haley announced in October she would step down at the end of the year from her post at the United Nations, stirring speculation about the popular Republican's political future.

She has been the front runner for the United Nations post for some weeks and last month President Trump said she was under "under very serious consideration".

Ms. Haley, for instance, was the elected Governor of a State with considerable administrative experience and she was also close to Mr. Trump and therefore perceived as having had the authority to negotiate and represent the President at the UN, David Gergen, a former adviser to former U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton, told CNN on Thursday.

Trump's announcement comes just a day after the U.S. lost a high-profile vote in the UN General Assembly for a resolution condemning the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

WASHINGTON: Less than two years ago, Heather Nauert was working as an anchor on Donald Trump´s favorite news show, "Fox & Friends".

"In that regard, probably they're not too upset to see Nikki Haley go because Haley was pretty independent compared to what we're likely to see from Nauert". She is a quick study.

Because of her work at the State Department, Nauert would have the advantage of already knowing the Trump administration's position on all major global issues.

Haley warned other U.N. Security Council members that Trump was unpredictable, and an agreement on sanctions needed to be urgently struck to prevent a conflict.

The State Department used to hold daily briefings. "I have great confidence in her".

Haley similarly had little foreign policy experience when appointed, although she had a national name as the governor of SC.

"That's a remarkable bit of interplay between the administration and the network that is also the only one Trump has praised regularly since taking office, the one he watches the most and the one that's the most popular with his base", Bump writes.

The North Korean in turn labeled Trump a "mentally deranged US dotard".

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