Published: Fri, December 07, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Father Makes Bully Daughter Walk Eight Kilometres To School

Father Makes Bully Daughter Walk Eight Kilometres To School

Cox adds that he hates bullying, so he used the long walk to school to let his daughter know how wrong it was that she'd practiced it.

A father in Ohio, USA has made his daughter walk to school after she was suspended from the bus for bullying. Cox said he hopes that any child who watches understands that bullying is not acceptable "everywhere".

The video has received both praise and criticism from a host of viewers.

Cox said he knew a lot of parents may not agree with his decision, but he was doing what he felt was right to teach his daughter a lesson.

However, the experience seems to have been successful. Her father said it was time to teach her a lesson.

"I'm not going to be another parent that's just going to brush things under the rug", he said.

There is a very real possibility that this girl will one day sit on a computer and read all the more than 70,000 comments that have so far been posted on the video, majority from complete strangers applauding her dad's decision to humiliate her on social media.

Riding the school bus or getting a lift from your parents is a privilege, he said during the video, and one his daughter had lost with her bad behavior.

Mr Cox follows behind her in his auto in the town of Swanton, offering commentary on entitlement and bullying.

"You are teaching your child accountability for her actions and I fully support your tough approach with her." wrote Kate Millar Young.

After the video went viral, he posted an update saying, "lesson learned!"

"Parents need to hold their kids accountable, so, that was me showing how I am holding my kid accountable", Cox told WTVG. "Tough love, indeed", and, "I believe when she is older she will be thankful for this lesson you've taught her".

This was the second time that she had gotten into trouble for bullying. But one thing is for sure: no good came from her own dad uploading a video shaming her on Facebook for everyone to see.

"Humiliate her by putting her on Facebook being punished".

Some are questioning whether the punishment was too harsh.

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