Published: Thu, December 06, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Google is shutting down Allo, to no one’s surprise

Google is shutting down Allo, to no one’s surprise

In a way, this should provide some clarity on the current state of Google's messaging app ecosystem and which apps you'll want to pay the most attention to.

As for Hangouts, the venerable chat app that launched with Google+, the company basically confirmed it would go away at some point last week, with users being "upgraded" to the Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet services now available for businesses. He admitted then that "The product as a whole has not achieved the level of traction that we'd hoped for", though Google would keep supporting the app.

In reality, Hangouts has either become so embedded amongst groups that change was unlikely, or people have already moved on to the likes of Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

The blog post reiterated that "Classic" Hangouts would eventually shut down while Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet would be opening up, but Google wouldn't shut down Hangouts until it could ensure a smooth transition between apps. Ever since, the company has introduced popular features of Allo like Smart Reply, GIFs, and desktop support to Android Messages, and in a blog post published on Wednesday, Google has now confirmed the demise of Allo altogether.

Allo, which launched back in 2016, will soon be no longer. In March 2019, all Allo messages and backups will be deleted. With Hangouts and Allo out of the way, Google may finally have a straightforward approach to messaging. As for Android Messages, over 175 million users are on the service every month, and Google has partnered with over 40 carriers and device makers to make the experience better. Those are the two that will get the most investment on a consumer front going forward. "And by refocusing on Messages and Duo for consumers and Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet for team collaboration, we're focused on delivering a simpler and more unified communications experience for all of you". It'll someday bring powerful RCS messaging services to most of us.

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