Published: Wed, December 05, 2018
Business | By Eloise Houston

Trump threatens to withdraw from Nafta to pressure democrats

Trump threatens to withdraw from Nafta to pressure democrats

"It's not a major departure from the previous agreement", Crawford said.

The president's Nafta move is the first indication of how he plans to deal with the new Democratic majority.

But Mr Trump has grown increasingly frustrated with Democrats, telling people in his orbit that he believes they would rather turn their backs on a "great deal" than see him achieve one of his top campaign goals, according to a person who has spoken to the president in the past week.

If Trump ends NAFTA, Congress would have 60 days to approve USMCA or both trade deals would be void. Grassley vowed to usher the deal through Congress, saying it'll benefit the USA economy and bolster agriculture interests in the Midwest.

Trump added, "This is an wonderful deal for our farmers".

"I'm in discussions with a variety of Democratic leaders on those points and they will be very much involved in the process moving forward and will have a strong influence on how we put things together, because I want them not only to vote for it, I want them to be happy".

Legislators in Canada and Mexico must still approve the pact. "I commend President Trump and our US Trade Representative, Ambassador Lighthizer, for their perseverance, leadership and hard work". I think everyone, almost everybody, whether they have an R or a D after their name, realizes this is important for the economy and certainly for trucking.

Many Democrats oppose NAFTA, blaming it for driving overseas and gutting industrial regions in the Midwest that Trump won in 2016 by appealing to workers who felt forgotten.

Hardcastle specifically alluded to Canada Post, which she said can be a moneymaker based on its parcel delivery business alone, but the USMCA calls for added duty if Canada Post ships parcels to Canadians that were purchased online in the U.S., Mexico and other countries. "I'm committed to strengthening this vital relationship, and fighting for necessary protections for worker's rights and environmental standards that will benefit New Mexico".

Despite cautious support from some Republicans, there are early signs of lawmakers using the high-stakes deal to demand that home-state issues be addressed. He threatened to tear it up and withdraw the United States completely at times during the negotiation, which would have left trade between the three neighbors in disarray.

"As now drafted this deal will put Florida seasonal vegetable growers out of business", Rubio wrote.

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