Published: Wed, December 05, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Matthew Castillo

‘Friends’ to Remain on Netflix - For Now

‘Friends’ to Remain on Netflix - For Now

However, an executive with links to the Friends contract tells USA Today the show will continue to be available next year.

It comes as Netflix also looks set to lose Disney/Marvel and Warner Bros./DC titles amid the increasingly competitive on-demand market. And broad and wide distribution is something I feel very strongly I care if Friends is shown on Netflix and on a WarnerMedia SVOD service?

Sure enough, on the series information page on the Netflix site, it now states the episodes are available to watch only until January 1 2019.

The folks over at the Wall Street Journal report that WarnerMedia has reached an agreement to keep Friends on Netflix throughout 2019, but the particulars of the deal allow WarnerMedia to also put the show on its impending streaming service. As of Monday afternoon, the expiration date has been removed from the Friends show page, which appeared to have been a glitch.

The Holiday Armadillo has granted Canadians the greatest wish of all: Friends will still be there for you until 2020.

Over the weekend, people took to social media to lobby Netflix to keep Friends streaming on its service.

Netflix spent an estimated $8 billion on content this year in an effort to have 1,000 original shows and movies on the service.

Don't expect Friends to be gone from a streaming service for long.

Granted, Disney can afford to cling more devoutly to exclusivity, given how many beloved brands it has under its umbrella, and how faithfully they all adhere to the same family-friendly category.

While the battle might have been won, the next one might be far more hard to fight.

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