Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
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Packers part ways with Mike McCarthy

Packers part ways with Mike McCarthy

Murphy said the process of hiring the storied franchise's next head coach would begin immediately. According to Matt Verderame of FanSided, the Cleveland Browns "are planning to replace Gregg Williams with Mike McCarthy as their next head coach". Until Sunday, their only other victory this season came on the road against the 49ers. Rodgers has been covering up bad play calling.

Rodgers was asked after the game - but before McCarthy's firing was announced - how much blame offensive players should get if the Packers made a coaching change after the season. For now, though, with the Packers severely underachieving and McCarthy unable to find answers against strong opponents or weak ones, his departure made sense.

Green Bay also had its longest kickoff return of the season on Sunday with running back Jamaal Williams bringing one back for 30 yards in the second quarter. And Chmura believes the reputation of Rodgers will be affected by this latest development.

Some said the move was a long time coming.

Philbin coached the Dolphins from 2012-15, compiling a 24-28 record and getting fired after four games and a 1-3 record in 2015. Arians worked very well with Carson Palmer in Arizona, and he understands the dynamics of a veteran quarterback who needs rehabilitation after suffering through regressive playbooks.

Just as unlikely was the multitude of storylines that came out of the win. For him, it's all about dealing with people-something Arians already does exceptionally well.

If that wasn't enough, Kumerow christened his first National Football League appearance with an 11-yard catch from Aaron Rodgers in the fourth quarter. The offensive line is a mess more often than it is a plus.

Chmura responded to the news by pointing the finger at Rodgers.

The Packers sport one of the most desirable coaching destinations entering the offseason, with quarterback Aaron Rodgers - now 35 years old - and a young roster with handfuls of talent.

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