Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

'I'm still going strong': Nigerian president denies being a clone

'I'm still going strong': Nigerian president denies being a clone

Buhari made his comments regarding whether he had been cloned during a climate conference in Poland. While the presidency repeatedly rejected rumors that the head of state was terminally ill or dead, failure to disclose his illness prompted rumors that the president could have been cloned. "It's [the] real me; I assure you", Buhari added. If you're not intelligent enough, you will think that Nnamdi Kanu said Buhari was cloned into Jubril (a Sudanese).

The president's remarks in Poland and his subsequent tweet was the first time he has publicly denied the weird claims.

Some Nigerians viewed the president's statement as dubious, claiming that a true leader would quash the rumours right before his compatriots in Nigeria - something a clone apparently would not do. "That embarrassed him [Osinbajo] a lot; we discussed it when he visited me while I was convalescing", said Buhari, who was elected president in 2015.

"The question is, has Nigeria now become a population of fools?'I believe it is time to come out of our slumber and savage this country from slumber, if this evil tide is not dealt with decisively, Nigeria may be about to be re-colonized again but this time by another African country, what a shame and misfortune that would be, God forbid". Later this month I will celebrate my 76th birthday.

He stated: "Those in the North East will tell you that in spite of the recent setbacks, there is a difference between the time we came and before". We have virtually stopped the importation of food especially rice and we are saving a lot of money.

On the fight against corruption, he said all recovered stolen assets would be sold and the proceeds returned to the treasury for the benefit of Nigerians. I am not a male chauvinist.

Nigeria's Ambassador to Poland, Mr Eric Adagogo Bell-Gam, praised Nigerians living in the country for being worthy ambassadors of Nigeria.

The president said he felt sorry for his vice-president Yemi Osinbajo, who had been courted for jobs by people presuming he had ascended to the presidency after Mr Buhari's death.

The event was put together and anchored by Hon. He told the audience that his administration had degraded Boko Haram who used to control about 17 local government areas, but now use hit-and-run method to attack innocent citizens "This is because they understand the terrain better".

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