Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
Sports | By Juana Wells

Chris Gayle wins USD 300,000 in defamation settlement

Chris Gayle wins USD 300,000 in defamation settlement

Gayle had followed it up with a defamation suit and a A NSW Supreme Court jury ruled in Gayle's favour in October a year ago, finding Fairfax was motivated by malice.

The cricketer was not present at the NSW Supreme Court to hear the judgement. It also found Fairfax had failed to establish that the allegation Gayle had propositioned the masseuse was "substantially true".

The jury found that the articles were prompted by malice, however Justice McCallum said she disregarded the defendants' malice in her assessment of damages.

She added that Gayle's evidence on hurt to his feelings was "surprisingly compelling".

Justice McCallum awarded Gayle a single sum for a series of articles published in January, 2016 in the Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times and Melbourne Age.

During the trial, Fairfax had asked Justice McCallum to order a new trial, concerned that the closing statements of Gayle's barrister, Bruce McClintock, SC had prejudiced the jury against it.

"I proceeded to shield my eyes and I said no", she said. Aggravated damages were not awarded and the figure was at the lower end of recent defamation payouts.

Fairfax said it would immediately launch an appeal.

The alleged incident took place in Australia during the 2015 cricket World Cup.

She said Gayle asked her: "What are you looking for?"

Meanwhile, Gayle's spokesperson Grant Vandenberg expressed the left-hander's desire to return to the Big Bash and play cricket on Australian soil.

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