Published: Sun, December 02, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Sony Patents New Game Cartridge Technology That Could Rival The Nintendo Switch

Sony Patents New Game Cartridge Technology That Could Rival The Nintendo Switch

We're already at the final free PS+ games story for 2018; how quickly this year has come to a close!

Microsoft also recently announced its free downloadable games for December.

For PlayStation 4 the subscribers will get Soma, a science fiction survival horror game created by Amnesia studio Fictional Games. The game includes major boss battles, arcade-like gameplay, fast sessions, and more.

According to reports, Dutch site TechTastic revealed a Sony patent for an "electronic game cartridge" filed in South Korea previous year with Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service (KIPRIS).

Both Xbox and PlayStation gamers get access to multiple free games per month. Players in Onrush can race in off-road vehicles or motorcycles.

Coming to PS Vita - and PS4 via Cross Play - is Iconoclasts.

The patent filed by the company is an electronic game cartridge with a large round hole at one side and a port at the bottom of the other side of the device.

These games will be available from December 4th. And on top of that, a whole host of PS3 and PS Vita games as well, just to sweeten the deal. This is a mature game, so don't let the lack of gameplay fool you. Meanwhile, if that seems like a very dark role, they can play as an aspiring mechanic in the action-adventure title "Iconoclasts". Perhaps each of these cartridges will have all the storage needed to run the game you are buying without filling up your internal drive. The new gaming cartridge design could easily be for the upcoming PlayStation 5 itself rather than a wholly different platform like the PS Vita. Yes, you heard me right: for the first time in over 20 years, Sony will be pulling out of the biggest event in the industry's calendar year. Give us your thoughts in the comments section.

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