Published: Sun, December 02, 2018
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Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer beta is live, progress resets may occur

Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer beta is live, progress resets may occur

The beta itself includes 5 new modes, with more to be added later. Everyone else will have to wait until Friday, November 30 to take their wild West shenanigans online.

"You may notice some areas of the in-game menus are not yet accessible or available during this early period of the Beta, such as the Red Dead Online in-game Store which will eventually open up to provide the option of purchasing gold bars to directly acquire cosmetic items like Camp décor, or a special style for your weapons". The Beta is created to test and fix the Online portion of the game and without your feedback, that's never going to happen. Please note, players who purchased the physical Ultimate Edition must redeem the Ultimate Edition code in the packaging to be eligible. Should they decide to follow the main story missions, they are quickly thrown into a matchmaking session where, alongside three other players, they complete a task set to them by a non-player character (NPC)-similar to the process of the game's single-player mode, as well as Rockstar's previous title Grand Theft Auto Online.

If you're having issues with the game in its Beta state, we can't communicate how important and helpful it is to actually use that form and let Rockstar know your issues. If you don't have the Ultimate Edition, but still want to see how the online mode works, there are already dozens of players exploring the new mode on Twitch.

For now, only those with the Ultimate Edition can try out the beta.

In a post on its official website, Rockstar explained that unforeseen issues may lead to beta progress disappearing once the beta concludes. After being rescued from a prison transport, you'll be introduced to Red Dead Online's narrative and mechanics through several short missions.

Players are finding out that strength in numbers is the best way to play in Red Dead Online.

If a player is unable to heal a critically injured horse with a horse reviver within a minute, the horse is sent to a stable and here players will have two options to heal the horse.

Shootout and Team Shootout are classic gunfight modes that give you and/or your team unlimited lives and a time in which to rack up the most kills. Sudden death will trigger in the event of a tie: whoever gets the first kill wins. One thing that fans have been speculating about is the gold bars in the game.

A tactical race to the top.

Demonstrate your personal specialty in this free-for-all or team-based match: the trickier the weapon you use to land the killing blow, the more points you get.

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