Published: Sun, December 02, 2018
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$300 Fallout 76 Edition Promised Fancy Bag, Delivers Nylon Trash Instead

$300 Fallout 76 Edition Promised Fancy Bag, Delivers Nylon Trash Instead

If you picked up a Power Armor edition of Fallout 76 and are distressed about the nylon bag when you were promised a canvas one, you can check out the source link below to learn how to obtain your 500 Atoms. The promotional image still shows the canvas bag, however, and is still captioned "canvas West Tek duffel bag". Those Armored Edition owners aren't pleased with what Bethesda has offered as an apology either, adding further to the company's problems. In order to ease some of the heat from dissapointed fans, Bethesda has chose to offer some in-game currency.

In another statement, Bethesda apologised over the incident and offered 500 Atoms of Fallout's in-game money as compensation.

'We are sorry that you aren't happy with the bag, ' it reads.

Fallout 76's deluxe Power Armour Edition costs $200 United States dollars, and includes the game in a fancy steelbook, a selection of in-game items, a glow-in-the-dark world map, and two dozen Fallout figurines.

In case you didn't know, Bethesda is under fire right now not only for Fallout 76's shortcomings, but it seems due to false advertising as well.

The launch of Fallout 76 has been fraught with issues and complaints from the community. "The bag was too expensive to make". And explained that the customer service representative responsible for the above message was a temporary employee "not directly employed by Bethesda or Bethesda Game Studios".

'We hope this doesn't prevent anyone from enjoying what we feel is one of our best collector's editions'. "We aren't planning on doing anything about it", which is just about the most offensive thing you can say to a customer.

For anyone who would like to redeem the whopping 500 Atoms you can do so by contacting Bethesda here.

Now a Washington, D.C., law firm, Migliaccio and Rathod LLP, has announced that they plan to investigate Bethesda's refund policy and the "Power Armour Edition" advertisements to determine if it's worth filing a class-action lawsuit claiming deceptive trade practices. As some wags have pointed out on Twitter, this is not enough in-game currency to purchase the Post Man skin, which would at least provide players with an in-game canvas bag.

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