Published: Sat, December 01, 2018
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AWS Announces the DeepRacer League (DRL)

AWS Announces the DeepRacer League (DRL)

Created to provide start-ups with free cloud resources and technical services, AWS Active help startups through select accelerators, incubators, Seed/VC Funds, and startup-enabling organizations.

"We're excited Amazon SageMaker is making it easier to try reinforcement learning techniques with real-world applications, and we're already experimenting with ways to use it for robotic applications".

In addition to its new managed ledger database, Amazon also revealed that it had created its own managed blockchain service called AWS Managed Blockchain which also works with QLDB. Amazon is focusing on to mitigating the time spent on analysing medical data of a patient.

That infrastructure is installed, managed, maintained, and supported by AWS, but pricing and specifics on specs are still light on the ground at this point ahead of a 2019 rollout. "It's a field with an incredibly hard barrier of entry, and it poses a mental blocker, but AWS DeepRacer and DRL really opens it up for people", said the victor of the first DRL Cup, Rick Fish, co-founder of Jigsaw XYZ.

Reinforcement learning is a powerful type of deep learning capable of optimizing decisions in complex environments without requiring any labeled training data in order to achieve a long term goal.

AWS Security Hub collects and aggregates findings from the security services it discovers in a customer's environment, such as intrusion detection findings from Amazon GuardDuty, vulnerability scan results from Amazon Inspector, sensitive data identifications from Amazon Macie, and findings generated by a range of security tools from AWS Partner Network (APN) partners.

AWS will reportedly allow its customers to rent access to the ground stations the same way that access to its data centers is leased.

The new offering positions Amazon well to compete with other analytics service providers - perhaps most notably, UnitedHealthcare's Optum - and to support its still-unnamed partnership with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway.

AWS also showcased the increasingly influential role of AI in traditional auto races during the conference.

As AWS UK managing director Gavin Jackson - who is a former EMC and VMware executive - told Computerworld UK: "We think we've had a pretty good hybrid story for a good while now with Direct Connect and Virtual Private Cloud, so that's inside your data centre stretching out to the cloud".

Amazon Managed Blockchain contains a voting API that allows network members to quickly vote to add or remove members. Those who know how much capacity they will need well in advance can book ahead and pay less for downlink time.

Some of the features of the new service include the ability to automatically scale up or down according to the requirement, enhanced transparency, and user-friendliness, among other things. However, AWS has enough experienced people they have hired from IT companies that the risk of massive problems are dramatically reduced and issues likely will revolve around internal misreporting to cover up mistakes that should have been avoidable until business matures.

Amazon, Google, Facebook et al are all in the business of personal and corporate data accumulation and management.

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