Published: Fri, November 30, 2018
Medicine | By Tracy Klein

Doctors Swallow Lego Heads for the Good of Mankind

Doctors Swallow Lego Heads for the Good of Mankind

After the Lego head was swallowed, the next step was to keep track of the subsequent bowel movements and keep looking for the Lego head.

More specifically Lego heads.

Six reserchers from Australia and the United Kingdom have revealed that they all swallowed the head of a Lego figure to show that they can pass through the human body without ill effect.

There's a lot of Very Important Science being done at the moment, and a new study from the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health is no exception.

S**t A Brick! -- Doctors Eat And Poop Lego In The Name Of Science
Melbourne doctors swallow Lego man's head to test how long it takes to pass

Researchers swallowed the legos just to check how long does it take for it to come out. After what might have been a painful release, the conclusion seems to be that a toy block should pass through in about 1.71 days on average.

Researchers were keen to stress that people should not replicate the study at home - and that parents should contact a doctor if they are concerned about anything their child has swallowed. "Pre‐ingestion bowel habit was standardised by the Stool Hardness and Transit (SHAT) score", the study read. They then recorded how long it took for the LEGO toy to exit through the stool, measured by the Found and Retrieved Time (FART) score. To meet the grade for participation, the volunteers must not have had gastrointestinal surgery and must be able to show an ability to swallow such an object - but, perhaps most importantly of all, they should not have a problem rummaging through their own poop.

There was some evidence females may be more accomplished at searching through their stools than males but this could not be statistically validated.

"This will reassure parents, and the authors advocate that no parent should be expected to search through their child's feces to prove object retrieval", the researchers said.
The study was extremely small and limited, but, according to Forbes, "does offer some reassurance to parents and anyone who needs a Lego head to complete a body that such a small toy part will be pooped out without complications, typically in 1 to 3 days".

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