Published: Fri, November 30, 2018
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Daredevil also gets the axe on Netflix

Daredevil also gets the axe on Netflix

The internet began to rumble, suggesting that Daredevil would not be canceled, and that Cage and Iron Fist just weren't good enough.

Earlier this morning, Marvel released an official statement that thanked the cast, the showrunners, and the fans for Daredevil's three season run.

The cancellation leaves only Marvel's Jessica Jones and The Punisher as series on Netflix with no word yet on whether they're cancelled or will see further seasons. Marvel still has a second season of The Punisher on the way, and given how that show actually spun out of Daredevil's second season, the character could easily pop up there. There have been new showrunners for every season of Daredevil, with Iron Fist for and Jessica Jones' also undergoing a showrunner change.

As initially reported by Deadline, Daredevil is the next Marvel casualty at Netflix.

It's a sad day for Daredevil fans...

Despite all that, the landscape has changed considerably since Marvel and Netflix joined hands on stage to announce what was (at the time) one of the most ambitious undertakings in TV history. The current state of affairs became painfully evident when the SVOD player abruptly pulled the plug on a third season of Luke Cage last month.

These will be made by Kevin Feige's Marvel film division.

So...does that mean the gang are about to make an appearance in Jessica Jones? Marvel's move away from Netflix is not all that surprising, given parent company Disney is launching a streaming service of its own, Disney+, in 2019. Besides for just the looming competition, Netflix has reportedly been bumping heads with Disney over lowering their series episode counts from the original 13, partially in a bid to cut costs of these rather expensive shows. also points out that it's possible that the Daredevil character might end up on Marvel's other partner channels and services, like ABC, Freeform or Hulu. If true it still remains to be seen if any of these NY superheroes will return in new or refreshed TV shows on Disney+. The first season was lukewarm, at best. Still, this could be a blessing in disguise for Marvel - as we know it has an exceptional track record when it comes to forging their own universe.

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