Published: Thu, November 29, 2018
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Prime Minister challenges Corbyn to TV debate over Brexit

Prime Minister challenges Corbyn to TV debate over Brexit

But Mrs May is essentially a Remainer arguing to Leave and Mr Corbyn is essentially a Leaver arguing to Remain.

Mrs May would use the televised debate to wrangle support from ministers who have threatened to sink the unpopular deal.

If agreed upon the debates could happen just days before the Commons is expected to vote on the deal - scheduled for December 11 or 12.

He went on: "Any debate must involve someone who believes in Brexit & the British people being fully in control of their laws, rather than giving back control to the European Union like the PM's deal".

The Labour leader said "ploughing on" with a deal opposed by the public and MPs was an "act of national self-harm". The Greens, too, said any debate must be cross-party and diverse.

Mrs May joked: "I'm tempted to say to her that throughout the last 18 months of these negotiations at virtually every stage people have said to me it wasn't possible for me to negotiate a deal with the EU - No sooner do I then people are saying "well what's the next thing you're going to negotiate". Those two parties represent nine out of 10 of the number of MPs the House'.

"This is a really important moment for our country".

"I am going to be explaining why I think this deal is the right deal for the United Kingdom - and yes, I am ready to debate it with Jeremy Corbyn".

But Brexiteers have attacked the debate as it will include two Remainers - and no one who campaigned to quit the bloc. These are at odds with the referendum mandate of taking back control.

"Instead of threatening this House with a no-deal scenario of a no-Brexit scenario, the Prime Minister now needs to prepare a plan B". What I think is important is that people are able to see the issues around this plan.

It has been reported a debate could clash with the finale of the jungle-based reality television programme, now starring Noel Edmonds and Harry Redknapp. It is a big decision MPs will be taking.

"I think we have to take a look seriously whether or not the United Kingdom is allowed to trade", Trump said.

And Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted that she would be "up for a full leaders" debate on the "deal'".

However, it is now not thought likely that May will challenge Jeremy Corbyn to a television debate on the Brexit deal.

She said: "We have no idea where this is heading and other countries are already saying that this gives them more leverage because it reduces our negotiating power, how can she say that this is in the future interests of the country?" I think all voices and all options should be heard.

"If you're confident in your position there should be nothing in that that worries you".

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