Published: Thu, November 29, 2018
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GM plant in Oshawa, Ont., to shut down

GM plant in Oshawa, Ont., to shut down

The Prime Minister's Office said Sunday it is "very disappointed" and concerned with the news General Motors Canada is planning to shut down its plant in Oshawa, Ont.

The U.S. plant closures must be negotiated with the UAW, which could refuse to agree to a collective bargaining agreement and strike the automaker's plants nationally - ceasing production of highly profitable truck and SUV plants that are subsidizing costs of autonomous and electrified vehicles.

Workers in the Unifor trade union walked out of the Oshawa plant "in protest", ahead of a meeting with GM about the announcement, a union spokeswoman said.

"Look at what they've done to the manufacturing footprint in this country", Dias said at a rally of Unifor Local 222 members Monday.

In addition to competition from traditional auto makers, GM now finds itself pushing against technology companies for the future of mobility, Paterson said.

"The Impala and Cadillac XTS will no longer be produced or sold after the end of 2019 so we will be left at the end of that period without a product to work on so we have sadly had to provide notice to our employees of the changes", Patterson said.

The assembly plants include the GM factory in Lordstown, Ohio, which makes the Chevrolet Cruze, the Detroit-Hamtramck plant in MI, where the Chevy Volt, the Cadillac CT6 and the Buick LaCrosse are produced, and the plant in Oshawa, Ontario, near Toronto, which makes the Chevy Impala and the Cadillac XTS. Production began on November 7, 1953.

Production at the plant began on November 7, 1953, and in the 1980s the plant employed roughly 23,000 people.

GM opened its factory in Oshawa, near Toronto, in 1953.

"It's going to affect the province, it's going to affect the region".

GM, according to its contract with Unifor, must give a year notice regarding a plant closure.

Commenters immediately tried to discern whether GM has a better grasp on the next few years than the rest of the industry.

Carlisle was moved that month to head Cadillac, the global automaker's luxury vehicle division as part of a management rotation.

"This is the part that scares me across the industry, everyone focusing so much on new mobility - it's such a long-term play", said Joe Langley, IHS Markit associate director.

The restructuring announcement also comes after Canada and the US reached the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, after months of strained negotiations.

"Every time we have a problem with a point, I just put up a picture of a Chevrolet Impala, " the USA president was reported to have said.

Oshawa Mayor John Henry said he had not spoken to anyone from GM. "Conservatives will monitor this closely and stand up for those affected", the tweet read. But he noted the former head of GM Canada, Steve Carlisle, was determined it wouldn't close on his watch.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer described GM's apparent plans as "terrible news" for auto workers.

"But what is absolutely clear is that giving large corporations taxpayer bailouts is not the solution", he told CBC News in an email.

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