Published: Tue, November 27, 2018
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European Union court throws out case seeking annulment of Brexit talks

European Union court throws out case seeking annulment of Brexit talks

As for what the deal entails, it does allow for an orderly Brexit, but in doing so just preserves the status quo for nearly two more years. "There doesn't seem to be a clear majority in Parliament for any alternative to the deal: not for "no deal" and leaving just with the WTO rules; not for a referendum again; not for 'Remain'".

"The cost we discussed in recent months is massive", said French President Emmanuel Macron.

The same can't be said of British lawmakers.

The PM told her Cabinet at a meeting on Monday morning that Sunday's endorsement of the Withdrawal Agreement and Future Framework was "a significant moment" which had proved wrong those who said it would not be possible to reach a deal.

Yet May might be more disconcerted by the seemingly growing and clearly more vocal chorus of resentment from her own Conservative Party.

Both Remainers and Leavers in the British Parliament are warning that May doesn't have the necessary support with the all the opposition parties lined up against the deal and as many as 100 lawmakers, Remainers and Leavers among them, from May's ruling Conservatives pledging to vote against it as well.

The PM's Brexit deal could leave the economy as much as 5.5% smaller in a decade's time than it would be if the United Kingdom stayed in the European Union, a study has said.

"There is this question about regulatory divergence between Northern Ireland and Great Britain".

Theresa May today faced a hostile House of Commons as she tried to sell her Brexit deal as a plan that would "deliver for the British people". It contains a list of hoped-for outcomes on trade, customs inspections, tariffs, fisheries rights, aviation, and the ability of citizens to visit and live in the other's territory.

Britain will leave the European Union on March 29 but remain inside the bloc's single market and be bound by its rules until the end of December 2020, while the two sides work out a new trade relationship. London's financial centre, one of the largest in the world, will also see its access to Europe diminished when it surrenders its "passport" rights to move money.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Sunday that "the arithmetic" to get the votes was looking "challenging".

Parliament's vote is due before Christmas, likely the week of December 10.

Her spokesman declined to confirm or deny reports that Number 10 is considering a possible TV debate with Mr Corbyn, something the Labour leader has made clear he would relish. Britain could even re-run their referendum, although few analysts believe this is realistic. They advised British lawmakers to take what is on the table.

It also said the hit to the public finances - up to 1.8% of GDP under Mrs May's deal or 3.1% with no deal - would "far outweigh" any gains from reduced contributions to European Union budgets, which represent 0.4% of GDP.

Asked by Yahoo Finance UK whether their negotiator is still available for talks, the spokesperson said: "Michel Barnier and his team will of course be around for as long as the Article 50 process is ongoing and of course available 24/7 as always so far".

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