Published: Wed, November 21, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Valve discontinues production of Steam Link

Valve discontinues production of Steam Link

We said in May that the Steam Link app for mobile devices, which enables wireless streaming from PC to television for couch-comfy gaming, works pretty well but "doesn't quite make the physical Steam Link box obsolete". Sadly, its days are numbered; Valve has announced they will no longer sell physical Steam Link devices after the current stock runs out. Instead, the company will shift focus to the Steam Link app for smartphones and other Android machines (e.g., Android TV devices). This initiative included the SteamOS Linux distribution, Steam Machines running SteamOS, and then the Steam Link. Valve kept the box simple - it was little more than an H.264 decoder with network connectivity and a Bluetooth adapter - allowing it to be small and cheap. A low-key announcement on Valve's Steam Link news page suggests that production of new units has ceased and that Valve is now selling off the rest of its "almost sold out" inventory in the United States, after selling out completely in Europe.

Valve is further distancing itself from the hardware sector. So the company has been trying to draw down their Steam Link inventory for some time, and with their latest announcement it looks like they've finally completed the task.

The Steam Link launched in November 2015 to moderate praise. It says it will "continue supporting the existing Steam Link hardware", alongside its development of the software version of the Steam Link which isn't reliant on its own brand hardware solution.

It's possible that the Steam Link isn't selling enough to warrant continued support.

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