Published: Sat, November 17, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Google Camera App Update Adds Night Sight Magic To ALL Pixel Phones

Google Camera App Update Adds Night Sight Magic To ALL Pixel Phones

Here's a shot we took on the Pixel 3 versus the iPhone Xs with the new Night Sight feature.

And Night Sight does look impressive, adding yet another photographic advantage to the Pixel lineup and further separating the cameras in these handsets from those of the competition. The implementation is similar to the Night mode on recent Huawei flagship phones. Night Sight is a major selling point for the Pixel 3, so it's reasonable to assume that it won't work as well on its predecessors. The camera detects hand motion and automatically adjusts the duration of the shutter speed and corrects for it while stacking.

Prior to its official release, I installed and used an unofficial version of Night Sight and was impressed with the results, but I will hold any personal thoughts until I've had a chance to test out the feature myself. The image was shot using Google Pixel 3XL at f/1.8 aperture, ISO64 and at 12.2MP resolution. It's not quite night vision, and the technology has its limitations, but it still greatly improves the low light shooting experience. "Using machine learning, Night Sight balances the color of your photo, so that objects show their natural color at night".

The front camera displayed noise even with Night Sight feature, but the result was better compared to the photo taken in regular mode. The Night Sight works best when there is minimal light and photos taken in regular mode produce grainy images.

Thankfully, Google just announced a bunch of Pixel deals that Pixel 3 fans should be aware of. As taking an image through Night Sight does take a little longer than capturing the same image without the feature activated.

Night Sight is a prime example of where Google is going with its Pixel line in general.

Google is confident that it has created a substantial feature here, explaining: "Night Sight is designed to capture true-to-life photos, adapting to the various lighting conditions you'll see at night".

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