Published: Sat, November 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

French drivers blocking roads to protest rising fuel taxes

French drivers blocking roads to protest rising fuel taxes

The victim was hit after a woman drove into a group of some 50 "Yellow Vest" protesters who were blocking the road on Saturday morning.

According to French media reports, the protesters knocked on the woman's vehicle as she tried to take her daughter to hospital Saturday local time. She then accelerated her vehicle into the crowd.

Media reports that there have been some 50 other injuries across the country, including in the northern region of Arras where a 71-year-old man was hit by a auto.

A motorist accidentally hit and killed a protester taking part in a campaign of road blockades across France on Saturday.

The protesters have dubbed themselves the "yellow jackets" because they wear fluorescent vests that all French drivers must keep in their vehicles in case of auto troubles.

A protester has been killed and 47 others injured during roadblocks set up around France to demonstrate against rising fuel taxes.

The backlash is the latest confrontation between Mr Macron and voters, mostly based in the countryside and provincial towns and cities, who view the former investment banker as the representative of a remote urban elite. "They have no other choice but to pay up", she added. "He needs to think about the poor as well", André, another protester, told the French news agency.

According to an opinion poll last week, 73 percent of respondents backed the "yellow vests" movement, a much higher figure than in other protests since Macron was elected on a reformist platform previous year.

Protesters blame a 20 percent rise in diesel prices in the a year ago on the so-called green taxes under President Emmanuel Macron.

A woman has been killed in a "tragic accident" after a auto rammed into protesters in France.

The "yellow-vest" movement called for people wearing high-visibility jackets to block motorway exits, fuel depots and roundabouts in hundreds of events planned across France.

She said the price of diesel, for example, had risen 23% in the past 12 months.

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