Published: Fri, November 16, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Judge orders White House to restore CNN reporter’s pass

Judge orders White House to restore CNN reporter’s pass

On Wednesday, Kelly heard from both sides' lawyers, with the attorney representing CNN arguing the White House is infringing on Acosta's First and Fifth Amendment rights, and the attorney representing Mr. Trump and others named in the suit claiming White House access is up to the president's discretion.

But CNN fought back and filed a lawsuit Tuesday morning saying the revocation was a violation of his First Amendment rights of freedom of the press. But the judge said those "belated efforts were hardly sufficient to satisfy due process".

Mr Kelly has said the U.S. government could not say who initially made a decision to revoke Mr Acosta's hard pass.

Kelly said that CNN was likely to succeed on its claim that Acosta was not granted due process when his passed was pulled, but he cautioned that the ruling was limited and he was not yet making a determination on broader First Amendment concerns. The White House went on to say that Acosta was "placing his hands on a young woman" when he attempted to stop the intern from taking his microphone during that afternoon's press conference. If granted, however, Acosta will permanently be given his White House credentials back.

Kelly rejected Team Trump's argument plenty of other CNN-ers still hold White House badges, noting that is not relevant to the issue of causing irrevocable harm to Acosta. The network received the support of multiple other news organizations, including Fox News, in the form of amicus briefs filed with the court. 'Pardon me, ma'am, ' he said to her.

In an interview published Wednesday in The Daily Caller, Trump called Acosta "bad for the country".

It's very possible the White House drops the case and instead comes up with some level of varying standards that could again be challenged by the press in court.

The network's lawyer, Theodore Boutrous, contended that Acosta was being singled out for his White House coverage, not his alleged rudeness during a news conference.

While responding to a hypothetical from Kelly, Burnham said that it would be perfectly legal for the White House to revoke a journalist's press pass if it didn't agree with their reporting.

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