Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
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More than an M3 Lite: BMW reveals beefy M340i xDrive

More than an M3 Lite: BMW reveals beefy M340i xDrive

The twin-scroll turbos are tuned along with steel exhaust manifold.

As a result, the M340i xDrive beats the last most powerful 3 Series by 48PS and 50Nm.

If a standard BMW 3-Series isn't enough but an M3 is too much, you're in luck. Combined fuel consumption is 7.5 litres per 100 km, which is great for the performance on tap.

Power development and speed increase are accompanied by the characteristic sound of the straight six-cylinder engine, which has gained additional presence thanks to the M Sport exhaust unit. The suspension geometry differs from other cars in the range, and if you want to improve the handling further, there's the option of fancy adaptive dampers. Regardless of which wheels are driven, the M340i comes exclusively with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Shift paddles on the steering wheel facilitate manual gear selection at any time.

The M340i's 382 hp and 369 lb-ft make it the most powerful 3-Series available until the M3 lands, said to be close to 500 hp. CLAR is created to accommodate a longitudinally mounted motor and either rear- or all-wheel drive. The components of the double-joint spring strut front axle and the five-arm rear axle, both of which have been optimised in terms of weight and stiffness, enhance cornering dynamics and steering precision, as do the larger track widths and optimum wheel camber angles.

As for the Audi S4, it is perhaps the most visually subdued auto here, even though it also has a beefier front spoiler, larger wheels and quad exhausts. In addition to a vehicle lowering by 10mm, the standard M Sport suspension of the BMW M340i xDrive Sedan comprises M specific elastokinematics and the new lift-related damper control function.

Lastly, the M Sport brake system brakes, which is headlined by short pedal travel and a distinct pressure point, BMW says. You get extra stopping power with M Sport brake system with a 348mm disc with four-piston, fixed calliper setup at the front and 345mm, single-piston, floating calliper brakes at the rear.

As you'll see in these new images, the 2020 BMW M340i distinguishes itself with a special mesh grille.

On the cosmetics front, the M340i gives a nod to Merc's success with over-styling the front-end jewellery, debuting a new look-at-me grille treatment and just a hint of gold colouring across all of the usually silver exterior highlights.

The M Sport vibe carries through to the cabin in the form of sports seats upholstered in a Sensatec and Alcantara combo, anthracite roof liner and M-badged steering wheel.

Although as yet unconfirmed, we can expect the M340i to be followed by a Touring version and also an M440i for the two-door line-up.

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