Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Joins Climate Change Activists Outside Pelosi's Office

Incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Joins Climate Change Activists Outside Pelosi's Office

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez paid her first visit today to Nancy Pelosi's office - to join a protest about climate change.

A video that circulated on social media showed Ocasio-Cortez (pictured above left) high-fiving the protesters with the Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats - before addressing them.

As Ocasio-Cortez joined the protest, she was greeted by a chorus of cheers and applause from the 150 or so young activists gathered outside Pelosi's office doors.

These progressive women include the first black woman elected to Congress from MA, the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, and the youngest woman elected to Congress.

Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter said Pelosi's decision to reinstate the select committee is something she "fully" supports. The outlines of a Green New Deal, including 100 percent renewable energy and funding for green infrastructure and carbon capture technology, are broadly supported by Americans.

Just weeks away from being sworn into office, Ocasio-Cortez joined a climate change protest outside of Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi's office on Tuesday.

Justice Democrats communications director Waleed Shahid said in a statement that Pelosi and the party's leadership "must get serious about the climate and our economy", The Intercept, a progressive website, reported.

"And so ... the Democrats - they're overplaying their hand ..." I was there on economic recovery and we wouldn't have done that.

Now that they're about to control the House, Democrats are planning to investigate Trump administration activities that appeared to be aimed at hurting major media concerns-namely the attempted blockage of the AT&T-Time Warner merger and the targeting of Amazon over its postal rates. She's said she would seek to serve as a transition to new leadership - though she hasn't spelled that out.

"Nobody within the Capitol dome is a better vote counter than the once and future speaker of the United States House of Representatives". The former Speaker also said she was encouraged by the crowd.

"I think that progressives of my generation would like to see somebody who is more independent of the corporate class that does not reflect a new generation of progressive Democrats" lead the House Democrats, Konst added.

Last week, the president said Democratic investigations could backfire.

In a statement released Tuesday, she said that she recommended the reinstatement of the committee to address climate change.

"I think every single one of us that are part of this effort to forge new leadership are very mindful of the fact that women form a large part of our caucus", Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Texas, who opposes Pelosi, told reporters, "It's hard to say now but I think every single one of us are motivated to ensure that we have a woman leading the caucus". "But it's going to cause a lot of acrimony and discord", Dhillon predicted. Her office told Earther details would be considered in the House rules package.

Supporters of Pelosi are deeply skeptical about her critics' predictions, expecting she will get enough votes to become speaker and will overcome the opposition from the small minority of rabble-rousing Democrats.

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