Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

China's stealth fighters show off missile payload

China's stealth fighters show off missile payload

China has shown the missiles in its advanced J-20 stealth fighter jet to the public for the first time at its largest airshow, the Global Times newspaper reported on Monday.

The Chinese armed forces have publicly displayed the missile payload of their latest stealth fighter, with local experts claiming the aircraft could potentially trump competitors in the United States. Two of the stealth fighters opened their weapons bay to show four medium-range air-to-air missiles and two close-range combat missiles.

The third stage of the plan provides for the creation of a world-class air force by around the 2050s that would reflect China's status as one of the world's most powerful nations.

Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter jets of Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force.

First, a strategic force will be established by 2020. As the top rivals of the US military, China and Russian Federation have sought closer defense ties and have frequently trained together.

The Americans have faced serious technical issues with the planes and severe backlash over the cost of the development program - each Raptor is priced at about $140 million, compared to $50 million spent by the Chinese for each J-20. Conventional aircraft like the SU-30MKI carry their weapons externally on the wings or fuselage, increasing the aircraft's radar signature and also worsening in-flight drag.

They also had a separate ground display of new Pili-10E air to air missiles.

"What's more, the air exhibition has attracted about 150,000 professional visitors and 300,000 amateur visitors, receiving an order of 239 aircraft of all kinds at the fair", it added. A total of 770 firms, including Boeing and Airbus, from 43 countries and regions participated in the event.

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