Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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Japanese TV cancels BTS show over band member's atomic bomb shirt

Japanese TV cancels BTS show over band member's atomic bomb shirt

A Japanese television show called off an upcoming appearance by BTS, a popular K-pop group, over one band member's T-shirt.

"We have made a decision to cancel BTS' November 9 appearance, which was previously previewed on November 2". The broadcaster's statement also apologized to viewers who had looked forward to the band's appearance, which had been scheduled for Friday.

The worldwide superstars were due to perform on TV Asahi on Friday, but the station abruptly cancelled the show after a photo of member Jimin wearing the shirt went viral.

The comments included, "The dropping of the atomic bombs led to the end of war, then liberation"; "It can not be swept aside simply by saying, "We wore it without knowing the meaning"; and, "I feel sad and pained that their chance to perform on the program is gone".

It also carries images of what appears to be a mushroom cloud created by an exploding atomic bomb, and of Koreans celebrating their liberation from Japanese rule in August 1945, the month the United States carried out nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. "A t-shirt design worn by a [BTS] member caused a controversy", it stated. Late last month, South Korea's Supreme Court ordered a Japanese company to compensate four Koreans for wartime labor during Japan's colonial rule of the Korean peninsula.

BTS apologised for the cancellation but made no reference to the T-shirt.

"I'm from Hiroshima. I can not accept BTS appearing on Music Station", said one Twitter user.

The t-shirt appeared to reference the end of the Japanese occupation of Korea, which ended in 1945 after the USA dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A photograph has been widely circulated on Japanese social media sites.

BTS member Jimin reportedly wore the shirt past year, on Aug 15, when Koreans celebrate the end of Japanese occupation in 1945.

Japan became the first nation to suffer an atomic bombing on 9 August 1945, at Hiroshima.

BTS would be coming on the show to chat with the show's hosts and sing the Japanese version of their song "Fake Love", as well as "Idol", as promised by a promo Music Station aired at the end of its November 2 episode.

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