Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

PUBG is Coming to PS4 as Tencent Rolls Out More Updates & Avatars

PUBG is Coming to PS4 as Tencent Rolls Out More Updates & Avatars

This would make sense considering PUBG hit Xbox One in December last year and its exclusivity periods usually last a year. But today, we've seen our strongest evidence yet, as the PlayStation Hong Kong page has listed an upcoming bundle featuring the game and some additional content. Phase 3 will come to an end near the end of October, signaling the end of all standardized leagues for the year and the beginning of PUBG's Global Championship.

This news comes via Video game analyst Daniel Ahmad in a thread on ResetEra which has since been confirmed by several publications as true.

PUBG PS4 - What Else Has Leaked About The Game?

The game is free to download for a limited time, which is ideal for players who were always tempted to buy the game on console but couldn't decide between console and PC.

"PUBG" is one of the most popular action games on PC, but it's been console exclusive to the Xbox One for the past year.

Joining the PUBG free Xbox One weekend, is Konami's soccer game, PES 2019 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2019).

There's also numerous PUBG images now hosted on the PlayStation servers, adding more fuel to the fire.

Again, it's not so surprising since Microsoft did promise PUBG fans "big news" at the company's forthcoming X018 show, and it's clear making the game free is part of its bigger plans.

During this year, users have faced performance issues that have plagued the game on the base Xbox One, and PUBG is now sitting at three out of fives stars for reviews in the Microsoft Store. Especially considering the still surging popularity of Fortnite and the struggling popularity of PUBG.

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