Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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Google Confirms Dark Mode in Android Apps Saves Battery

Google Confirms Dark Mode in Android Apps Saves Battery

The primary aim of the app is to help users to free up space on their phones, and today Google announces that it not only has a new name, but also a new look. Yes, most of the new phones will get you through the day, and the advantage is clearly on Android, as some vendors have equipped their devices with massive battery packs.

"As you unfold, the app seamlessly transfers to the bigger screen without missing a beat", Stephanie Cuthbertson, director of product management said in a blog post.

If you are using a phone with Android Pie software, here's how you can manually enable Dark Mode on your device.

Sure, the Play Store isn't flawless and you can still install a malicious app once in a while, but Google says that "Android devices that only download apps from Google Play are 9 times less likely to get a PHA than devices that download apps from other sources". The API will give developers a couple options when it comes to updates.

With these findings, Android should have more stock apps with Dark Mode and perhaps even update the Material design guidelines to use more efficient shades of color.

Developers won't able to force users into running urgent updates, instead they'll be able to display a full-screen message when a user starts up an app, strongly pushing them towards running the update. White is the least efficient color to use on this display.

Axing the word "Go", this app is now called Files by Google. The change is apparently due to the fact that the app has been successful across the globe, not just in emerging markets, and has seen adoption across a wide range of smartphones, including flagship devices with plenty of built-in storage.

Android also increased the instant app size limit to 10MB for the Try Now button in the Play Store.

We're testing the API with early access partners and will be launching it to all developers soon.

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