Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Business | By Eloise Houston

Tesla coming to India in 2019, says Elon Musk

Tesla coming to India in 2019, says Elon Musk

The $58 billion company agreed as part of the SEC settlement to more closely monitor Musk's social-media commentary.

Tesla and Mr. Musk pushed back strongly against a report last week that the FBI was pursuing a deepening criminal investigation into the company.

Elon Musk's ambitious plans for high-speed rail in Chicago could be more of a reality than originally thought. He had earlier said "Would love to be in India". Some challenging government regulations, unfortunately.

Musk wrote, "Tesla will be there (in India) as soon as he (Deepak) believes we should".

SpaceX launched the Tesla Roadster and its inanimate passenger, Starman, into space as the payload on the Falcon Heavy rocket's first voyage in February 2018. Musk said he had asked his service team to expand to "all population regions (not just major metros)" in North America, Eastern Europe, China, and Japan by the end of next year. This is where the local assembly pointed out by Musk will make the products affordable. He explained that Tesla would also be seeking a "partial presence" in India, Africa and South America by the end of 2019, that would be followed by "broader expansion" in 2020. As a vehicle company, if it was to import and sell its cars here, it would have to charge very high prices - a Model S would cost upwards of Rs 1 crore in India.

The SEC issued subpoenas over "certain projections that we made for Model 3 production rates during 2017 and other public statements relating to Model 3 production", Tesla said in a quarterly filing on Friday. However, with India's current focus on bringing down pollution from road traffic, the government might loosen a bit when it comes to making entry simpler for Tesla and some other foreign electric vehicle makers.

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