Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Taylor Swift Loses Tennessee Senate Race

Taylor Swift Loses Tennessee Senate Race

CBS News is reporting that Republican Marsha Blackburn will win the Tennessee Senate race over Democrat Phil Bredesen.

The television networks declared Blackburn the victor at 9:15 p.m.

Blackburn's victory came after Republicans saw a gain in IN, with Congressman Mike Braun defeating Democratic incumbent Mike Donnelly.

One of the most popular public figures in state history and the last Democrat to be elected statewide, Bredesen led much of the early polling and kept the race deadlocked nearly until the very end, thanks to support from GOP moderates and independents. The Republicans were going to nominate Rep. Marsha Blackburn whom the Democrats thought they could paint as an extremist. The race has been declared in favor of Blackburn.

Bredesen looked to blunt the attack by telling voters he would not back Schumer for Majority Leader if he were elected. Bredesen was the last Democrat to win a statewide election in Tennessee, and would have been the first Democrat elected to the Senate since Al Gore in 1990.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have made a strong push for Blackburn in the midterm elections. His final visit came on the last day of the campaign, when he visited Chattanooga. The vote tally was about 1.23 million to 983,000. ".2018.pdf" target="_blank">higher than the national average. Tennessee is a deep red state, and while Blackburn seems likely to enjoy a victory that will have her move from the House to the Senate, the fact that it's even so close may give some solace for Democratic political operatives. When Sen. Bob Corker retired, there was plenty of talk that the Dems would claim this seat. "He's gonna eat into some Republican support more than you might expect because of those credentials". He provoked ire from the party after announcing his support for Trump Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh, saying allegations of sexual misconduct "didn't rise to the level" that would exclude him from the bench.

While his ability to legislate across - not only with Republicans in the Senate, but with President Trump, who remains popular in the state - was the crux of his pitch to voters, it wasn't enough.

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