Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
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Russian fighter jet intercepts US Navy plane

Russian fighter jet intercepts US Navy plane

The Russian Su-27 passed directly in front of the U.S. EP-3 aircraft at a high rate of speed, officials said. The US crew reported turbulence following that initial interaction in which the direct pass occurred.

U.S. officials were not initially aware of whether the Russian aircraft was armed.The Navy EP-3 was operating out of Souda Bay, Greece, according to Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon.

The 25-minute encounter occurred over global waters over the Black Sea on Monday as the Navy EP-3 Aries reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted by a Russian SU-27 fighter jet. Washington stated that the SU-27 made a flight in which it broke the sound barrier near the ER-3 and, in its opinion, put at risk the lives of the pilots of the US aircraft.

"The Russian Su-27 then proceeded to enter the flight path of the U.S. Navy EP-3, crossing within 10 feet and executing a sharp dive below, which resulted in violent turbulence for the U.S. EP-3 and its crew members". The official release added that the EP-3 Aries hadn't provoked the Russian jet and urged all countries to adhere to the 1972 Agreement for the Prevention of Incidents On and Over the High Seas.

In November 2017, a Russian fighter crossed within 50 feet of a US surveillance aircraft flying over the Black Sea, blasting its afterburners and forcing the American plane into turbulence that caused it to tilt into a 15-degree roll.

Video with the unsafe maneuver by the Russians posted on the YouTube channel of the naval forces of the United States.

U.S. officials said Russia's military could exercise within worldwide airspace, but the pilot's behaviour was wrong.

A US Navy statement on the incident called the Russian jet's behavior "unsafe".

"Subsequently, su-27 again approached the EP-3, making the turn".

Russian and USA aggression against each other in the multiple theatres that they are facing off in resulted in a close call over the Black Sea.

"The fighter's crew reported identifying the United States electronic surveillance plane and escorted it to prevent a violation of Russia's border, while following all the safety guidelines", the Ministry stated.

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