Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Google Unveils Pixel 3 And These Are Its Best Features

Google Unveils Pixel 3 And These Are Its Best Features

With some Pixel 3 users reporting a memory management flaw, Google is planning to release a software update "in the coming weeks" to fix the problem, the media reported. Also, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is guaranteed to get at least three years of Android software updates and security updates so that's a big plus.

According to GSMArena, most of the users of Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL have suffered from this issue for some time now.

Just a few weeks ago, users of Pixel phones have reported that their camera app has strangely started to fail saving photos they've just taken to storage.

Google told Android Police it was aware of the bug and a fix was "coming soon".

Not to anyone's surprise, what do ya know, the Google Pixel 3 again dominated the smartphone camera realm.

Impact: As usual with high-profile smartphones, the Pixel 3 has been hit with a whole lot of bad press regarding issues with the phone. The selfies taken on the phone also have a lot of clarity, color details and everything a great selfie camera needs to produce wonderful photos. This goes to show how significant software enhancements can be when done right because, in addition to having good hardware, the Pixel 3 supplements its camera images with intelligent software enhancements. For most of 2018, the company added a slew of bug fixes in with these security updates.

Once you find the banner, you can simply click on it and follow the provided instructions to make use out of the free credits to buy favorite apps and games.

The pictures, which were taken by XDA forum user, line up well with the previous Pixel pictures, showing a device with a very tall top notch, a bottom chin bezel, and what looks to be front-facing stereo speakers. Pixel phones have progressively introduced an ever more polished version of Android over the previous one, so you could say that the Nexus program fulfilled its goal. Our review of Android Pie details the changes you'll experience as you use your Pixel 3, but a couple of enhancements to Android should catch your eye.

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