Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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Term election results: Key takeaways so far

Term election results: Key takeaways so far

But big swings could suggest real shifts that will help us understand the results.

Also joining the call were Trump's son, Eric Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders. And even in the 8 p.m. hour, with many races too close or too early to call, some pundits were already talking about how Nancy Pelosi's troops could make life hard for the administration with a blizzard of investigations and subpoenas. Analysts expect pressure on stocks if Democrats gain control of the House and a sharper downward reaction if they win the Senate, too. "If Jeff Flake challenges Trump, we're in for a very interesting scenario in which it's possible for an as-yet-unnamed Democrat to come through simply because of a split in the right in the Republican Party".

The race gained national attention largely because Douglas was widely presumed to be the Democrats' next presidential nominee, and he was.

One key race in Georgia for the state's governorship has attracted much attentions and visits from Mr Trump, his vice-president Mike Pence and, on the Democrat side, former president Barack Obama and talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

What is the Trump-o-Meter?

While the economy continues to thrive, Trump has spent much of the campaign's final days railing against a caravan of Latin American immigrants seeking asylum at the USA border.

Republicans are favoured to retain their slight majority in the U.S. Senate, now at two seats, which would let them retain the power to approve U.S. Supreme Court and other judicial nominations on straight party-line votes.

Tuesday's elections also tested the strength of a Trump-era political realignment defined by evolving divisions among voters by race, gender, and especially education. The results - and the Trump-o-Meter - will be updated live and explained here and in our live blog as the day (and night) progresses.

All seats are contested every two years.

So here's the Who, What, When and Where of the USA midterm elections. And why do they matter? We are going to see a Democratic majority (in the House) that is going to do everything it can to hold the Trump administration's feet to the fire and use subpoena power to do so.

If Democrats capture the House, they could block Mr Trump's policy agenda and launch congressional investigations into Trump's administration, including his tax returns, possible business conflicts of interest and the nature of his 2016 campaign's ties to Russian Federation.

He's already appointed dozens, including two justices on the Supreme Court, and has many more in the pipeline.

Mr. Trump refused to disappoint the rally crowds, having the most consequential midterm election in a generation to worry about.

What are the chances of that happening?

"That means that in order to take control of the House, Democrats will probably have to win the national vote by at least 5-6pp". US House of Representatives - similar to India's Lok Sabha - has 435 seats, of which the Republicans in the current Congress has 235 seats and the Democrats have 193. With Section 232 tariffs on Canadian and Mexican steel and aluminum exports still in place, there are more than enough loose ends to keep stakeholders near the edge of their seats.

Winning control of the Senate is a much tougher ask.

But in what could be a sharp warning sign for Republicans, that poll reported that college-educated white women - the so-called suburban moms seen as crucial to the 2018 outcome - favour Democrats by a substantial 61% to 33%.

Republican Strategist and TV news personality Ford O'Connell, however, said that while historical precedent is in Democrats' favor, "the only question here is whether the Republicans in the House can minimize their losses and hold onto the House by a sliver". The seat is now held by DFL Rep. Rick Nolan, who is retiring in January.

There are two independents in the US Senate: Bernie Sanders and Angus King, both of whom are running for re-election.

In traditionally red Texas, popular Democrat Beto O'Rourke is trying to dethrone Senator Ted Cruz, while Republican Pete Stauber might flip a House Democratic stronghold in Minnesota. "But, as you know, my primary focus has been on the Senate, and I think we're doing really well in the Senate".

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