Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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Health care, immigration and economy top issues as Americans cast midterm votes

Health care, immigration and economy top issues as Americans cast midterm votes

Democratic state Sen. Billie Sutton continues to run a neck-and-neck race with Republican U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem. Bill Nelson is hanging by a thread, trailing Gov. Rick Scott by over 58,000 votes (50/49).

Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis defeated Democratic Rep. Andrew Gillum in the Florida governor's race by one point.

Democrats also failed to capitalize on potential gains in Texas, where Sen.

Beto O'Rourke, a charismatic Democrat who lost in a closely watched bid to dethrone Republican Senator Ted Cruz in Texas, told voters that Trump was wrong, describing his state as built from "immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees". In one result that did not come as a surprise, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney won a Senate seat in Utah.

Striking a dark tone at a rally in IN on Monday evening, Trump accused Democrats of "openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overrun our country". Elizabeth Warren in MA, according to CNN projections. Almost 200 Democratic women are running for Congress this year, compared to just 59 Republicans. Heidi Heitkamp has been trailing Republican Kevin Cramer in North Dakota's Senate race.

"In a number of key races, support for Democratic candidates has exceeded the partisan lean of the districts and outperformed President Trump's results in 2016".

Democrats faced a far more hard challenge in the Senate, where they were nearly exclusively on defense in rural states where Trump remains popular. His connection with his most loyal fans remains so intense that some pundits believe he could help the GOP pull off a surprise. Voters agree. Two-thirds of those casting ballots said their vote was about Trump, according to preliminary exit polls posted by CNN. He'd cast ballots for President Obama twice and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but said after rising stocks and dropping unemployment, he was backing Republicans on Tuesday. Only 1-in-5 decided in the last month and even fewer said they made up their mind in the last few days or the last week.

History was working against the president in the Senate: 2002 was the only midterm election in the past three decades when the party holding the White House gained Senate seats.

A loss of the House will also trigger significant second guessing of the President's tactics, given that he chose not to make the booming economy his primary midterm argument, instead turning to a searing indictment of Democrats focusing on immigration and laden with racial language.

Trump is still trusting his feel for what voters want to hear. For a long time there, Democrats felt good about Tennessee.

The committee already has concluded there's no evidence of collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, but Democrats insist the probe was superficial.

And the sudden emergence of a huge caravan of migrants heading toward the USA border just before the election has also fired up both bases, but especially conservatives who are concerned about border security.

The president's impact played out differently in the roughly 80 competitive House races and more than a dozen close Senate contests.

"In this context the Democrats' advantage is not overwhelming".

Here is a guide to watching results roll in on Tuesday night.

He was due to be joined by Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman and the President's ex-campaign aides, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, a source familiar with the guest list said.

He said that many people are making the midterms all about President Trump, but in these elections - like many midterms - "politics is local". "On the substantive things beyond the manufactured outrage of all of the Kavanaugh and all of this sort of thing, in real substantive areas, there really is very little if any difference between the two parties", he said.

The midterms also featured some potentially historic candidates, including Stacey Abrams, who would be the first black woman to be governor of Georgia if she won.

However, even some Republicans became jittery after a Florida man and ardent Trump supporter was charged with sending homemade bombs to more than a dozen senior Democrats and other high profile opponents of Trump.

Jay Hutchins, a 49-year-old Democrat who voted in the Washington suburb of Silver Spring, Maryland, was among those dissatisfied with Trump and the Republican-led Congress.

In Miami, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell beat Republican Carlos Curbelo and former Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, a Democrat, defeated television anchor Maria Elvira Salazar, a Republican for an open House seat.

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