Published: Sun, November 04, 2018
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Daniel Cormier retains his UFC heavyweight title with win over Derrick Lewis

Daniel Cormier retains his UFC heavyweight title with win over Derrick Lewis

Cormier would wrestle Lewis back to the ground before locking in a rear naked choke to win via tapout, becoming the first man to defend the UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Championships. "Let's go Brock! Bring that belt with you when you come to my house".

Not long ago, during a backstage encounter, Derrick Lewis jokingly scolded his upcoming opponent Daniel Cormier for disrespecting Popeyes Chicken, which is apparently his favorite fast food chain to eat.

Lewis came out more aggressively in the second, threatening with strikes through the opening minute, but as soon as Cormier could close the distance, he dumped him to the canvas.

Cormier landed four takedowns and was rarely troubled as he made the first defence of the 265-pound title he won off Stipe Miocic earlier in the year. I guarantee you can. "History in the making, Daniel Cormier, one of the greatest of all time".

Before campaigning in the heavyweight division in various MMA promotions, Derrick Lewis had to endure a three-year prison bid for beating a Ku Klux Klan member that accosted him with a shotgun. The WWE superstar showed up to confront Cormier at UFC 226 back in July, and a Cormier-Lesnar main event has the potential to be a major draw for UFC. "I think about my past and stuff like that", Lewis told TMZ this afternoon, as he recounted the past events that gave him stock, as a strong-willed character, inside and outside of the octagon.

Lewis' manager clarified that this deal with grant the heavyweight free Popeyes for life in his home city of Houston.

Cormier became only the second person in UFC history to secure two championships in two different weight classes at the same time (the first was former lightweight and featherweight champion, Conor McGregor).

Cormier will now reportedly fight former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in 2019. Lewis adds that Cormier did exactly what he expected him to do, but just couldn't capitalize on it.

Round two of tonight's UFC 230 headliner begins and Daniel Cormier starts things off with a kick to the body.

"You know what surprised me, I took that last shot, he punched me in the eye on the way in and I was blinking for about 30 seconds".

"When you get to those numbers and you get 300,000 extra pay-per-view buys, at that number of pay-per-views, that's a big, big number".

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