Published: Sat, November 03, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

LG is bringing a rollable TV to CES 2019

LG is bringing a rollable TV to CES 2019

First and foremost, the handset will reportedly carry the Galaxy F moniker, and it is expected to sport a bendable screen that Samsung likes to call the Infinity V-display.

On the other hand, Samsung and Huawei have confirmed folding smartphone screen plans; but nothing has stated about when they will launch their products in the market. This firmware version is being tested in the United States on all major telecom networks already.

According to previous reports, two of the three variants of the device will come with 5.8-inch display panels while the third will sport a 6.44-inch display panel. It is also being presumed that the phone will offer a 7-inch tall display when stretched out, and 4-inches when folded. A new video of the smartphone has surfaced online which shows the quadruple camera in action.

In terms of innovation, and the changing of the guard, so to speak, Samsung seems to be moving away from the features that Galaxy owners have been using for over a half decade.

Samsung is also toying with an S10 prototype without a headphone jack, indicating that it may follow Apple in going completely wireless with its devices.

But if the latest information is accurate, LG will not graze the rear to create a foldable device.

The fingerprint scanner was unable to incorporate under this display via technical complexity.

Separately, Samsung even reported record profits in Q3 2018, but most of that credit goes to its semi-conductor business. Though iPhones were rid of this feature a while ago, it's more surprising that Samsung may head in a similar direction.

Back in August, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core in India and Malaysia. The tipster also added that while he can not speak for Samsung, which has already hinted that it will unveil a foldable display phone in the future. The company will also solidify its market leadership by adopting cutting-edge technologies across its entire Galaxy lineup, including the Galaxy A series.

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