Published: Sat, November 03, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Doomed jet's black box recovered from Java Sea, Indonesian media says

Doomed jet's black box recovered from Java Sea, Indonesian media says

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane crashed early Monday just minutes after takeoff from Jakarta.

The disaster has reignited concerns about safety in Indonesia's fast-growing aviation industry, which was recently removed from European Union and USA blacklists, and also raised doubts about the safety of Boeing's new generation 737 MAX 8 plane.

If found, the fuselage would be lifted using a crane, because of the many bodies likely to be trapped inside, Muhammad Syaugi, the chief of Indonesia's search and rescue agency, said.

Boeing Co., the manufacturer of the aircraft, and the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said Monday they were assisting in the investigation into the crash, according to Reuters news agency.

Investigators are also looking for the plane's black box recorder, which will provide key flight data.

He has said he's certain it won't take long to locate the hull of the aircraft and its flight recorders due to the relatively shallow 30 metre depth of the waters where it crashed.

Data from flight-tracking sites showed the plane was unstable during the first minutes of its second last flight, showing erratic speeds, altitude and direction just after take off.

"We followed the signals and narrowed the search area".

There is no indication yet of what caused the plane to go down 13 minutes after taking off, though a log obtained by the BBC showed the plane had encountered technical problems while flying from Bali to Jakarta the previous day. An airplane has two flight recorders, one that captures flight data and another that records the pilot and his co-pilot in the cockpit.

Lion Air chief executive Edward Sirait said on Tuesday that the plane had had technical problems, but had been repaired before being allowed to fly again.

While rescuers have collected debris and human remains from the sea, the plane's black boxes and fuselage are yet to be recovered.

He said: "To all Indonesian people, we are saddened and offer condolences but give us time to investigate why the plane crashed".

The JT610 plane that crashed off Jakarta was a Boeing 737 Max 8 jet, a new model that was launched globally past year.

The pilot had asked air traffic control for permission to turn back to the airport, but then contact was lost.

In 2014, an AirAsia crash in the Java Sea during stormy weather killed 162 people.

Disaster relief officials have warned that false images purporting to be of passengers aboard the JT-610 are being circulated online, and added that no footage or photo evidence has been recovered that could have come from any of the flight's passengers before the crash. A ban on Indonesia aircraft was imposed by the European Union and the United States in 2007 as a result of "unaddressed safety concerns". It's been expanding aggressively in Southeast Asia, a fast-growing region of more than 600 million people.

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