Published: Fri, November 02, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Chinese Bus Plunged Into River After Passenger Assaulted Driver

Chinese Bus Plunged Into River After Passenger Assaulted Driver

But the new footage shows the driver was being hit by a passenger and then struck her back.

Reports in the local media cited by EuroNews say that the woman missed her bus stop and, when she realized it, immediately asked the driver to pull over so she could get off. China's state newspaper, People's Daily, reports 15 people died in the crash.

Then, as he tries to regain control of the bus he swerves off the bridge, sending the bus plummeting 60 metres into the Yangtze river in the Wanzhou District of China's sprawling Chongqing city.

Rescue workers and boats on the site where a public bus plunged into the Yangtze River after colliding with a vehicle in Chongqing, China on Oct 28, 2018. This made the woman angry, so she advanced to the front of the bus and began yelling at him.

He refused, and she went on to hit his head with her mobile phone, prompting the driver to strike her back.

A crane salvages the wreck of the bus from the Yangtze River in Chongqing.

The official Xinhua News Agency said 13 bodies have been retrieved from the river and two others remain missing.

Dashcam footage from another vehicle shows the bus swerving, colliding with a auto and crashing through a barrier before plunging off the bridge.

Police said on Friday, Nov. 2, 2018, a brawl between a passenger and a bus driver was the cause of the bus plunging off a bridge and killing more than a dozen people in southwestern China on Sunday.

Authorities ultimately blamed the 42-year-old bus driver for not following safety protocols but found that both the passenger and the driver had broken the law and endangered public safety.

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