Published: Fri, November 02, 2018
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Barbra Streisand's driving on Carpool Karaoke spooks James Corden

Barbra Streisand's driving on Carpool Karaoke spooks James Corden

Streisand's new album Walls arrives November 2. In fact, she didn't perform for 27 years because of that reason.

Streisand had no problem singing her classic hits like "No More Tears" and "The Way We Were" with Corden, but admitted she still felt stage fright. "If this is how I go out, I'll take it... died at the hands of Barbra Streisand".

The 12-minute Carpool Karaoke was a joyful one, filled with plenty of laughs of A-list moments. When it comes to Funny Girl, Streisand did take home the Oscar for her on screen portrayal of Fanny Brice. "I just don't want to disappoint people".

Her magnificent voice, at times quivering with deeply felt emotion, may not be the ideal instrument for expressing pointed political anger, and the soft string accompaniment becomes a bit predictable.

"I called Steve Jobs once", she said.

"I don't get nervous, nervous, but I don't enjoy it", she told Corden. Not only did Babs sing her heart out, but she told a hilarious story about contacting the head of Apple to change the way Siri pronounces her name! "When I couldn't figure something out on my computer".

The politically-motivated artist explained that it was the current state of affairs in the United States that inspired her latest album, "Walls", before she and Corden belted a powerful rendition of the album's track, "Don't Lie to Me".

"That's why I did this album, every song relates to something about what's going on in these hard times", she told the TV host. She received a Special Tony Award in 1970.

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