Published: Tue, October 30, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

A first look at McLaren's $2.2m Speedtail Hyper-GT

A first look at McLaren's $2.2m Speedtail Hyper-GT

If we were to share and elaborate our first (and possibly flawed) thought, we'd say it's like a supercar molding of a GM EV1 and a McLaren Senna. McLaren says the Speedtail weighs only 3,153 pounds (1,430 kilos) dry. You guessed it - it's the fastest McLaren ever. McLaren sats every body panel of the Speedtail is made out of carbon fiber to reduce the weight.

As the most powerful and most aerodynamically drag efficient McLaren, the Speedtail can exceed the 243mph record peak speed of the legendary McLaren F1, a feat made possible by intense collaboration between McLaren's design and engineering teams to deliver a peerless blend of aerodynamic, powertrain and dynamic excellence. Airflow that doesn't enter the LTRs is directed over the top of the auto and into two intakes. From here, the air is ducted through the body and around the wheelarch before exiting out of the lower door vents. The idea is to reduce air volume traveling around the sides, cutting turbulence. Deliveries of the first McLaren Speedtail customer cars are scheduled to commence in early 2020.

To handle such monumental performance, the Speedtail is fitted with bespoke P Zero tyres from Pirelli. The front splitter, diffuser, and side skirts are all finished in a special "titanium deposition" carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger than that of previous cars.

The cabin exaggerates the use of exposed carbon fiber and Scandinavian-sourced leather that extends from the seating upholstery to flow down into the footwells. To achieve the Speedtail's eyeball-crushing speed, the auto will be built to a weight of just 1,430kg, which is incredibly light for a vehicle with an engine, battery and motors.

The Speedtail pays homage to the F1, built from 1993 to 1998.

Next is the scarcity: Just 106 are planned for production. Engine controls shine in polished aluminum and are set in panels above the driver's head.

Only a few lucky people will ever get this view in person. McLaren will make only 106 of them-a number that matches the F1's production run-and they're already sold out, according to a McLaren spokeswoman.

The interior design also offers drivers a lot of areas for customization and each Speedtail owner will be able to snag a set of bespoke luggage that can be created to match the personalized interior of their auto. In fact, its designers were so obsessive about reducing drag that they replaced the usual sideview mirrors with low-profile retractable cameras that provide a real-time feed to screens in the cockpit. They also cost £1.75 million (~$2.25 million), putting it out of most people's price range.

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