Published: Fri, October 26, 2018
Sci-tech | By April Francis

White House pushing ahead with Trump’s Space Force

White House pushing ahead with Trump’s Space Force

According to Mr Pence, about 60,000 people are now working on space security in the U.S., across various branches of the military and intelligence services.

The White House does not foresee the creation of an independent space force before 2020, said US Vice-President Mike Pence, who heads the National Space Council, a government body that was revived previous year after a decades-long hiatus.

This summer, Trump directed the Defense Department to begin the process of establishing a space-focused military service that would be a counterpart to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

The National Space Council has also voted to send six strategic recommendations to the president's desk, laying out the administration's vision and a roadmap to establish the force. 'That treaty...doesn't ban military activity, ' Pence said.

A new budget in early 2019 will carve out funds for the USSF in the National Defense Authorization Act, said Pence.

A lack of centralized leadership and accountability threatened USA ability to "advance our national security in space", Pence said.

But Pence claimed that Russian Federation and China already have military operations in space and said potential threats in space include anti-satellite weapons, airborne lasers, "highly threatening in-orbit activities and evasive hypersonic missiles".

The idea has taken on a life of its own at Trump's rallies.

"We will forge a new era of peace through strength in outer space", Pence said adding, "space is a war fighting domain, just like the air, land and sea, and America will be just as dominant there as we are here on earth", UPI quoted Pence as saying.

"That will be the project of the space force going forward".

The White House says it is pushing ahead with plans to establish a new US space force, but the first steps will stop short of creating a sixth branch of the military as touted earlier this year by President Donald Trump.

"Russia, in the very same year, assigned a part of its aerospace division to a space force", the vice president said.

According to Pence, the space development Agency should be concerned about the creation of new technologies. "The time has come to stop studying the problem and start fixing it".

"In the first phase (space forces) will look like the other, already existing types of Armed Forces".

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