Published: Thu, October 25, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Google makes it easier to wipe your search history

Google makes it easier to wipe your search history

Google says it is also making it easier to access privacy controls so users can disable ad personalisation, and easily control which Google applications can save their activity. You'll also be able to control if you want Google to store your web and voice data. The case against Google isn't about being "secretive" in their data-collection practice, but criticizes the company for being deceptive with their privacy toggles and switches.

Many of you may have been successful in digging into the Google Account page to find your complete web activity over search engine and various Google apps. You could always hunt through your Google Account page to locate your search history activity stream, but now, Google is simplifying that process. Google has been reeling under pressure over a Google+ privacy flaw that left hundreds of thousands of users exposed to hacking.

Google plans to provide users greater transparency about how its products and services collect and share personal data, a move that comes as the tech giant finds itself the latest target of US regulators and critics over data-privacy issues. It's also offering quick-access controls. But following multiple events and growing threats to user privacy, whether it be courtesy Facebook or Google, there has been growing demand for increased transparency from tech companies in the way they tackle user data.

Simply put: People are more aware of their personal data and how it can be harvested without their explicit consent and maybe weaponized against them and their own self interests.

After initiating a search, tap the hamburger menu next to the Google logo.

Log into your Google account in the Chrome.

Google announced it is now rolling out the Google Lens button within Google Image search results.

All of these settings, as well as a short explanatory video, will be accessible from the main menu when on the Search screen, under a settings tab entitled "Your data in Search". Similar changes will come to other Google services, like Maps, next year.

These new features are available today on both the mobile and desktop versions of the Google Search webpages.

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