Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
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NOAA Predicts Warmer Winter for Much of the US

NOAA Predicts Warmer Winter for Much of the US

However, Halper said, it's not expected to be quite as strong as the El Nino that helped lead to the record warm 2015-2016 winter season.

Halpert says Maine's winter may yet be affected by warming equatorial ocean temperatures in the Pacific, known as El Niño.

But North and SC, along with much of the southeast and Mid-Atlantic, the Tennessee Valley and Ohio Valley, "all have equal chances for below-, near- or above-average temperatures", NOAA said.

Winter weather expert Judah Cohen, of the private company Atmospheric and Environmental Research, uses different indicators to predict winter for the National Science Foundation. The Arctic Oscillation influences the number of arctic air masses that penetrate into the South and could result in below-average temperatures in the eastern part of the U.S. The Madden-Julian Oscillation can contribute to heavy precipitation events along the West Coast - which could play a large role in shaping the upcoming winter, especially if El Nino is weak, as forecasters predict.

Drought conditions are likely to persist across portions of the Southwest, Southern California, the central Great Basin, central Rockies, Northern Plains and portions of the interior Pacific Northwest.

Above-average rainfall is most likely northern Florida and southern Georgia this winter.

Overall, no part of the forecast to have below-average temperatures.

-Clearly this outlook doesn't provide any insane information for the Ohio River Valley / Kentuckiana. Portland averages 13 inches, 19 inches and 12 inches of snow in the three months in question, while Bangor averages 14 inches, 19 inches and 15 inches, respectively.

The winter forecast only covers December through February, though winter weather can last well beyond that. Look for that in a few weeks to come. They will provide you with estimated snowfall totals for the winter in Eastern Kentucky.

A mild winter could be in store for much of the United States, according to the seasonal forecast released Thursday by NOAA.

NOAA also doesn't forecast specific snow ranges for the season as there's very little accuracy this far out.

The Farmer's Almanac said that for its winter outlook, the temperatures are going to be cold with "plenty of snow".

-At this point of the year, we should be starting to think about winter and preparing for some cold and snowy days!

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